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8-Week Intensive Fat Loss Programme

I joined Robin Fussell Fitness’ 8week intensive fat loss programme after my doctor suggested that I am overweight and this might affect my health. I have known Robin for a few years prior to joining his class and knew of his personal transformation which was very inspirational.

The idea of joining the gym and exercising in front of other people certainly didn’t appeal to me. However at the first meeting when Robin explained the way the sessions would work I realised that nobody was there to make fun of me. Everybody had their goals and everybody worked hard to get them.

The use of apps made it easy to keep track of and manage. It allows you to book your sessions see the workouts, track your progress and communicate with others in the group. All software is easy to use and Robin is always there to explain any queries.

The session schedule is very convenient and there are sessions both in the morning and evening.This allowed me to be flexible and fit in sessions whenever I could. I personally did two work-out sessions and a nutrition session each week.

Nutrition sessions were quite possibly the biggest and most helpful thing in the whole programme. They allowed me to adjust my diet accordingly and understand my diet and the way it affected my body. Unlike many other programmes this one doesn’t put you on a strict diet of soups or chicken breast, but
rather a full balanced healthy diet, that supports your body and helps it stay healthy. This is not a crash course but rather an introduction into a better and healthier lifestyle.

I have lost over 1 stone during the programme and I feel great. If you look at the before and after pictures, you will notice not only the physical difference but also the way I smile more as I feel better in my own body. I have become fitter and healthier and I certainly want to carry on.

I would recommend this programme to everybody who wants to regain control of their body and not go through exhausting programmes and diets that deliver short-lived results. As somebody who used to hate working out, I look forward to my sessions at the gym with Robin, as I know it will be a fun and active workout with a session full of supportive people.

Fat Loss & Running Performance

Having hurt myself at the beginning of the year I asked Robin to help me get back to running without being in pain.

Robin first looked at my running technique to see what the problem was. He then put a structured program together that helped strengthen the muscles in my leg and ankle whilst also working on my core he did this using dynamic exercise.

Robin is flexible and happy to work round clients commitments. He also is happy to exercise outside which is great in the summer.

Since working with Robin I no longer suffer from pain in my shoulders and back and to top it off I ran my fastest 5k. I look forward to working with Robin to achieve my goal of running the half marathon!