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T3 Group Sessions

When I first started T3 classes I was unfit and uninspired. I thought I could not do this and it was too difficult. Three months later I feel the fittest I have ever been and enjoy being challenged and pushed further each time. I am doing exercises I never thought possible and I am pushing myself further because I have been given the encouragement and confidence too.

Classes are different all the time and always challenge me in different ways. I am learning lots about my body and fitness and the benefits of different exercises. The fitness tests and groups challenges are what I enjoy most which I find particularly surprising as previously I would not have had the confidence to take part.

If you want something that is going to challenge you, improve your fitness and confidence and something that is different, I would definitely recommend T3 classes.

Fat Loss & Running Performance

Having hurt myself at the beginning of the year I asked Robin to help me get back to running without being in pain.

Robin first looked at my running technique to see what the problem was. He then put a structured program together that helped strengthen the muscles in my leg and ankle whilst also working on my core he did this using dynamic exercise.

Robin is flexible and happy to work round clients commitments. He also is happy to exercise outside which is great in the summer.

Since working with Robin I no longer suffer from pain in my shoulders and back and to top it off I ran my fastest 5k. I look forward to working with Robin to achieve my goal of running the half marathon!