Phoenix Emblem

Why did I choose a Phoenix for my emblem? The Phoenix in Greek mythology is cyclically reborn or regenerated. It is a symbol of rebirth from the ashes of past life. The Phoenix arises from the flames, as a winner, stronger and more powerful than before, defeating all life challenges and overcoming hard times.

I very much see the Phoenix analogy representing my personal journey… At my lowest point, I had a choice of either spiraling out of control or saying enough is enough. I didn’t recognise what I had become. I was fed up of being low, insecure, unhappy and lacking confidence. Worse of all I was taking it out on those I loved and isolating myself.

I was resolute in being able to prove all those who made me feel insignificant, unworthy and ugly wrong. This motivated me, when I could not muster the motivation to workout or wanted to give in to temptation. What better revenge could I get than turning everything around and coming out from my journey even better than before.

Consistent exercise and sticking to a healthy diet was the answer to my problems. As soon as I knew what I was doing, everything just fell into place and every pound I lost and new fitness milestone I achieved, helped me to grow my confidence and motivation.

I now hold my head high as a winner, stronger physically and mentally. I now have the strength to ignore those who seek to bring me down. This is my rebirth and I am going to take my new found power and strength, to help others in their fitness and nutrition journey for renewal in their lives.

Let me empower you by passing on my knowledge in nutrition and exercise programming. Let me inspire, challenge and motivate you. Let me be the one who makes you accountable and does not let you give up. I am dedicated to you and reaching your goals. You have my 100% attention. You can become a Phoenix, if you are willing to take the first step…

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