Power. Strength. Renewal.

In this blog I explain why I chose the three words underneath my logo and what they mean to Robin Fussell Fitness.

Personal Training and Nutrition Coaching is all about going on a journey to change oneself, whether that be visually, improved confidence, improved fitness/health or a combination of many things. No one should underestimate how much of a big deal this is for someone.

When I started thinking about the concept of Robin Fussell Fitness, I took myself back to the time when I started my journey and the transformation I underwent; how this made me feel; what benefits it brought to my mental and physical health. I looked at words other people used under their logos and I looked for associated synonyms with the words I had in mind. It was not an easy process and took me a good few months.


“Personal power is the ability to take action”. – Anthony Roldrins 

This word can mean many things and has negative and positive connotations. Power in the context of Robin Fussell Fitness means the mental ability to change something, to be successful and to use influence, as a positive example to other people.


“I’m thankful for my struggle because without it I wouldn’t have stumbled across my strength”. – Alex Elle

This word again means many things, however in the context of Robin Fussell Fitness, it symbolises:

(1) Mental strength to resist giving up, push harder, become more resilient and most importantly the strength to be your true self, without being knocked down by others.

(2) Physical strength from improved fitness and health; this can also contribute to mental strength, because if you are not using your mental energy worrying about how you look, feel or dealing with physical consequences of an unhealthy lifestyle, then this energy can instead be used for other things.  I believe mental and physical strength are intertwined.


“We must always change, renew, rejuvenate ourselves; otherwise we harden”. – Goethe

The final word underneath the logo. I am not sure if you have realised yet, but the words are also purposely put in the order they are. So to recap; power is the ability to make change; strength increases in one’s physical and mental self – a positive outcome of making change and finally renewal is the accumulation of the other two.

Renewal in the context of Robin Fussell Fitness is the transformation people undergo, to feel confident, healthier, fitter and more energised than before. It’s not just visual, although many people seek this at first, but it is all the other benefits of setting out to improve oneself. People feel a new lease of life and start thinking positively in all realms of life, perhaps career wise, socially and resilience to negative events or people.

Renewal never ends. It is a constant cycle of trying to seek improvement and achieving what may have seemed impossible previously, as the quotes states, we always need to renew ourselves, so we do not harden. If you are not sure what harden means in this context… it is becoming emotionally despondent and withdrawing oneself.

If you made it to the end, then thank you for reading this. Please feel free to leave any comments or questions.

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