Hello, my name is Robin Fussell and I established Robin Fussell Fitness (RFF) in June 2017. I am based at Anytime Fitness (East Colchester).

If you are the type of person who wants to know the person you are investing in, then please spare 10-15 minutes to read this page and get to know me, otherwise I recommend visiting ‘About RFF’ and ‘Services’, to find out what I offer.


I had a normal, happy childhood and loved going to school. I didn’t enjoy my secondary school and college experience, because it was mainly dominated by being bullied. I became very unpopular and suffered terribly with acne, thus I became very shy and had very low self-esteem. I didn’t seem to be able to shake this off.

I went to university for one year, which is where things started to change for me. I saw it as a new start and I was determined to make a success of it, unfortunately a life changing event took place and I descended into depression and became reliant on alcohol, to get me through the day. The next few years were very unstable, however I met someone who provided me with stability again and although it was another few years before I was on track again, I finally had some hope.

I had previously been working in shops and restaurants, however I finally landed myself a job in the NHS and progressed through the ranks in Cancer Services. I was very successful in this line of work, but I found my weight was getting out of control – it became clear that my new career was not as active and I could not continue to sustain the lifestyle I had before. I threw loads of money at diets and workout programmes, which I had some success with initially, but they all lead to a “yoyo diet” of putting on more fat and then starting again with a new regime.

I landed myself a job in London and things were going well again, I had a good job, I was in a happy relationship and we were moving into our first home, however I became fed up of commuting , so I decided to move jobs within the NHS; this turned out to be a terrible decision, although I didn’t know it at the time. I was successful in this job and stepped up to become a manager of the department, however this is where the nightmare begun. I experienced workplace bullying for the first time. At the beginning I was able to withstand it, but over the months, it started to wear me down.

I was comfort eating, increasing significantly in weight, I stopped my fitness regime, my self-esteem and confidence hit rock bottom and I hid myself away from friends and family. I was caught in a terrible cycle and there appeared to be no way out. It was self-destruct mode for me. I am not sure what happened, but something clicked and I decided I couldn’t continue to let my partner, friends or family down. I wanted to be there for them, but I couldn’t do this until I became stronger. I looked at the root of my unhappiness and how I was going to break the cycle. I made the decision to resign from my position – it seemed like I was giving into bullies, but I had to look at the bigger picture.

My Fitness Journey:

I wanted to feel good about myself again and have something to focus on in my life, so I looked to get back in shape and decided to join Anytime Fitness. I didn’t have a clue what I was doing, but I felt like I was making progress. Like with most people, I was very eager to get going and went to the gym 5/6 times per week. I was following fitness magazines and articles online, but I was still putting on weight and not getting anywhere; this was very frustrating, because I couldn’t understand why all the effort I was putting in was not paying off.

I was too shy and nervous to hire a Personal Trainer and I had bad experiences with them in the past. I wanted a solution to deal with my nutrition and workout programme; this is when I saw an ad on Facebook about an online Personal Trainer, who created bespoke nutrition and workout programmes. I gave it a go and it was very successful, although expensive. I progressed every week, until I was advised to bring my calories down to 1k per day; this made my life miserable and I plateaued for months.

I decided it was time to educate myself and do an online nutrition course, which was scientifically based. It only cost me £30, but things started to slot in place and make sense. I re-established my calories at normal levels again and changed my diet around my newly acquired knowledge. I started to see progress again. I didn’t know what I was doing in the gym still, so I decided to do a Level 2 Fitness Instructor course – again things started to make sense and it also helped I enjoyed learning about it. Before I knew it, I was doing a Level 3 Personal Trainer qualification, running classes at Anytime Fitness and had become completely immersed in the Fitness Industry.


I did not write this for sympathy and I by far have not had the worse life experience, however I wanted to demonstrate, that not all Personal Trainers come from a background of sport or a physically demanding occupation. Not all Personal Trainers have been in good physical shapes all their lives.

Just like millions of other people in the World, I  struggled with issues and used food and drink, as comfort, to make me happy for a few minutes. I got caught up in a vicious cycle and believed in whatever quick fix I could find and then ultimately fail. When I finally wanted to take it seriously, I became confused with all the information available out there.

I believe my experience has placed me in a unique position to help others. I can empathize with the struggles, set backs and fear of going into a gym and working out or going to an exercise class for the first time.

Let me help you and guide you through the barrage of information and show you what you need to do, to achieve your goals.

Thank you for reading this and please feel free to send any questions you may have.