T3 Group Sessions

If you enjoy training with other people, but want something more specific than a class, then T3 Group Sessions (4-5 people) could be ideal for you and are available at Anytime Fitness, East Colchester.

What is T3?

T3 has been designed by Train Fitness to promote a return to creativity and enhance skills for fitness professionals after a trend of choreographed classes entered the market in the 1990’s. T3 allows fitness professionals to design their own sessions and add progressions, so clients can achieve results in record time.

What are the T3 programmes? 

T3 Pump – utilising barbells and weight plates, to provide a progressive total body workout – targeting individual muscle groups and improves body composition

T3 Shred – metabolic circuit designed to define muscle and shred body fat – using the latest small equipment

T3 Blast – dynamic conditioning with body weight exercises only – no equipment required

T3 Swing – kettlebell workout promoting strength, mobility and endurance

T3 Sprint – explosive training, to replicate sprinting – designed for maximum calorie burn and accelerated fat loss

T3 Hybrid – the ultimate workout taking all the best elements from the T3 programmes

Pay as you go (45-mins – 1-hour)

£5 per session


T3 Unlimited Monthly Pass

£50 per month

What is included?:

  • Unlimited T3 sessions for 1 month
  • Bi-weekly 30 mins check-in (measurements & goal setting)
  • PT Minder account for booking and cancelling sessions

T3 Group Session Timetable

If you are interested in joining a drop-in session, then you can book through PT Minder or contact me to make a booking.

Ad-hoc T3 Group Sessions

If you know 4-5 people, then you can request ad-hoc sessions / regular sessions outside the timetable.

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